Universal Strain Gauge Torque Transducers

The TSC range of Precision Strain Gauge Torque Transducers employ high performance stainless steels to produce a very accurate Transducer with high overload capacity. Available as milli-Volt/Volt output or with integral processing electronics providing a calibrated output over a wide range of supply voltages. The processing electronics compensate for clockwise and anticlockwise transducer signal output errors caused by material performance. Options for Inline or Base Mounting for flexibility of use for inline or reaction torque measurement featuring a wide range of torque capacities in imperial, metric or si units. The TSC range of Precision Strain Gauge Torque Transducers are supplied with 2 metres of cable and square drives, as standard. Longer cables and other coupling configurations, such as key way or splined, are available to order. Automatic ranging and decimal point selection is achieved when used in conjunction with the TSC range of display equipment.

Applications Research and Development; Process Control; Engineering and Technological Development, Quality Control and Calibration.

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