Torque Pulley Transducers

The NEW TSC/AWS series of torque pulley Transducers employ a unique mechanical architecture enabling strain gauges to measure the torque developed within the pulley without being affected by side loads caused by the drive belt tension. The unit has been designed to replace standard sheaved pulleys on existing machines or as required for a new installation. The pulley fits directly onto the motor shaft with a drive key to transmit the torque into the unit, thus avoiding complicated coupling arrangements and facilitating easy servicing and maintenance. The low level strain gauge signal is amplified and processed by a telemetry unit featuring novel non contacted strain gauge bridge and amplifier supply voltage techniques, avoiding any requirements for onboard batteries for signal transmission. The output is an analogue voltage proportional to the applied torque and 60Hz per revolution for RPM or 1 degree pulses for angle. The torque pulley can be operated in a stand alone mode with a simple power supply, the torque value being displayed on a digital voltmeter, or in conjunction with the TSC range of transducer display equipment for signal processing of torque and RPM, with options for memory functions, settable limits and outputs for data logging. See our Instrumentation data sheets for Display and interface products.

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