Web Tension Barkes and Clutches

The TSC Tension Control systems employ magnetic particle brakes which produce a very accurate and stable web tension which is unaffected by the speed of rotation. The braking force is created by an electrical current flowing through coils producing a magnetic field, this increases the viscosity of chromium plated iron particles situated between the stator and rotor of the clutch or brake proportional to the change in input current. The rotor is a very low inertia component which allows for a rapid response to tension changes, creating accuracy and consistency of control. The brakes are available in a range of sizes from 2Kgs, 5Kgs, 10Kgs and 20Kgs FSD, allowing for web tension control over a wide range of materials and products. Overtemperature detection with automatic overload protection is fitted as standard.

Applications Input unwind, intermediate and rewind of web tension for rotary die cutting and setting of web tension for the laminating and print registration in label manufacture, medical and automotive products. Dynamometers for motor testing, connection and control in mechanical drives, dynamic braking and programmable loads.

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